Famous Inventors

Can you match these famous inventors with their inventions?


Drag the answers from the right-hand column across to the empty boxes on the left

Charles Babbage
[Analytical Engine (Computer)]
Tim Berners-Lee
[The World Wide Web]
Christopher Cockerell
Jacques Cousteau
Thomas Edison
[Light bulb]
Michael Faraday
[Electric Transformer]
Enrico Fermi
[Nuclear Reactor]
Alexander Fleming
Benjamin Franklin
[The lightning conductor]
Buckminster Fuller
[Geodesic Dome]
Rowland Hill
[Postage Stamp]
Christiaan Huygens
[Pendulum clock]
Charles Macintosh
[Waterproof Raincoat]
James Clerk Maxwell
[Colour Photography]
Samuel Morse
John Napier
Alfred Nobel
J. Robert Oppenheimer
[Atomic Bomb]
Blaise Pascal
John Pemberton
George Stephenson
[Steam Locomotive]


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