Harry Potter Charms and Curses

Test your magical abilities - see how many of these charms and curses from the books of Harry Potter you can name. Click the description, then type its name in the box below.

Summons an object
Unlocks and opens doors
Turns an object into a bird
Used to confuse an opponent
Makes an object swell in size
Creates a Patronus
Disarms an opponent
Returns a Werewolf to human form
Hides a secret within someone
Slows an advancing person or object
Repels water
Moves a tree
Erases a memory
Makes the wand point north
Tickles an opponent
Destroys ectoplasm from a ghost
Floats an object in the air
Causes instant death!
Inflicts unbearable pain
Causes pain in the eyes
Makes the victim obey all commands
Covers the victim in boils
Immobilises victims legs
Knocks an object over