Harry Potter Spells

Test your magical abilities - see how many of these spells you can name from the books of Harry Potter. Click the description of a spell, then type its name in the box below.

Reveals invisible ink
Creates a flock of birds
Enlarges Teeth
Cuts cloth ropes and chains
Opens secret passages
Wakes up an unconscious person
Creates bandage and a splint
Cancels other spells
Creates fire
Creates a beam of light
Levitates a body
Conjures the Dark Mark
Turns off light conjured from the wand
Creates a bunch of flowers
Immobilisation Spell
Reveals last spell cast by a wand
Returns an amplified voice to normal
Returns enlarged objects to normal size
Blasts solid objects
Releases a grip or hold
Used to defeat a Boggart
Creates snakes
Amplifies the voice
Renders an opponent unconcious
Forces opponent to dance
Launches small objects through the air